Frequently Asked Questions

How many "standard" Shank's Surgery Tables are available?

There a four (4) basic tables that are on wheels and movable within a clinic setting. The Floor Model Surgery Table is available in two models. The Portable and the Modified Portable each have a flat rectangular shaped top that is standard 36" x 72" (91cm x 183cm). The basic difference between these two models is the hydraulic functions. The Modified Portable is the least expensive table we manufacture and has 1 basic hydraulic function - raising and lowering. The Portable has both hydraulic lift and 2-way tilt via hydraulics. Either model can be ordered with an optional 84" (213cm) long top. The Dorsal/Lateral Equine Table has a center section and 6 hinged adjustable wings and a lateral surface that is 46" x 84" (117cm x 213cm). It is available in two different models - Scissor Base and Cylinder Base. The basic difference between these two models is the hydraulic functions and lowered height. The Cylinder Base Table has 4-way tilt positioning via hydraulics and the Scissor Base Table has 2-way tilt positioning via hydraulics. There is a fifth standard table in our product line that is designed to be placed in a recessed pit, where the practitioner has combined both surgery and recovery into the same room. The Stationary Floor Model Surgery Table can be ordered with a 72" or 84" long top.