Shank's Veterinary Equipment, Inc. has a wide variety of products that revolve around the central theme of large animal surgery. When the Company was founded in 1957, it offered only one table - the Shank's® Douglas Tiltmaster Table. This was the industry standard for over 20 years. As the Company grew and the industry evolved, a variety of other specialized tables and surgery related items were slowly added to the product line beginning in 1978. The Company discontinued production of the Douglas Tiltmaster in 2007, but it continues to focus on large animal surgery. The Company now boasts a range of more than 15 equipment - type products (i.e. tables, carts, etc.) and continues to adapt when needed, to supply customized versions of these items. The Company now also offers a wide range of ancillary items that partner with the required steps and processes followed during the preparation and execution of large animal surgery. The Company continues to respond to the ever-evolving equine industry and large animal industry in its search for any market driven needs, and is always prepared to develop and offer new products.