Equine Tables and Surgery Tables

The Company offers both general Surgery Tables for use with any large animal and more specialized Equine Tables designed specifically for surgery on horses. These tables are desgined for surgery on animals weighing more than 500 lbs. (227KG). The range of tables includes several different style mobile tables , and also a table that is designed to be anchored to the floor of a recessed pit, to allow it to be utilized in a combined surgery/recovery room. All mobile tables have the following features:

  • Self-contained hydraulic system (that merely requires access to power for operation)
  • 6" casters for ease of mobility within a clinic setting
  • A series of square ports around the perimeter of the table top (to receive removable supports)
  • A variety of Optional Accessories designed for specific surgery procedure
  • Any table can easily be adapted to provide support of an animal in either dorsal or lateral recumbency
  • mild/carbon steel structural frame with hot dip galvanize coating/painted enamel topcoat for corrosion prevention and durability
  • Stainless steel fasteners and motor shield

Any Equine Table or Surgery Table can be built completely out of stainless steel as a customization.