Stationary Floor Model Surgery Table

The Shank's® Stationary Floor Model Surgery Table is designed to be anchored to the floor in a recessed pit and be flush with the surrounding floor .  This model is used in a combined surgery/recovery room where knockdown of the animal, subsequent surgery and recovery, is all done in the same room.  All hydraulic lines for operation of the table run through a conduit in the floor into an adjacent room where the power unit and controls are to be located. As an option, the table can be permanently mounted to the floor in a standard surgery room, and have the power unit and controls self contained on the table frame.

By utilizing both the standard and optional accessories, this table can easily be adapted to support an animal in dorsal or lateral recumbency.

The following features are available on this table:

  • Self contained power unit with hand control hydraulic valve (remote located)
  • 36" x 72"  or optional 36" x 84" lateral surface area (91m x 183cm or 91cm x 213cm)
  • Raised height 48" (122cm
  • Hot dip galvanized/painted coating on structural frame
  • Rated for 2,500 lbs. (1,134KG)

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