B.P. 360 Hydraulic Chute

TheShank's® B.P. 360° Hydraulic Chute  is equipped with a self -contained hydraulic system equipped with a 2HP motor.   This system includes a worm gear reducer to assure safe and even hydraulic functions.   The basic system has three hydraulic functions:  hydraulic headgate, hydraulic rollover and hydraulic top squeeze.  An optional hydraulic bottom squeeze is available.   The Hydraulic Chute is available in two different sizes - Regular and XL.   The XL B.P. 360 Hydraulic Chute also can be ordered with an optional squeeze bottom. 

The approximate cubic area required to receive the Chute is as follows:

  • Regular Chute - 101" long x 100" wide x 99" high (257cm x 254cm x 229cm)
  • XL Chute - 102" long x 104" wide x 102" high (259cm x 264cm x 259cm)

If the power unit is mounted on top of the Chute, it will increase the required height by an additional 15" (38cm).  The Chute is rated for 3,000 lbs. (1,361KG).

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